Background Checks

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Background Checks

Decades of Combined Experience

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Background checks are one of the most critical elements of job searches. A thorough background check doesn’t simply involve a Google search or a police records search-- it involves comprehensive searches through myriad databases to ensure that every employee or potential employee hasn’t neglected to disclose anything relevant to their employment.

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Our background check experts have decades of combined experience in the staffing industry. As record-keeping technologies have changed and evolved, so have we, ensuring our familiarity with the latest data storage systems and practices. Call Arlan’s Pro Services Staffing today for the comprehensive background checking your workplace deserves.

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Arlan’s Pro Services was founded in 2007 as a simple drug testing facility to help employers streamline their hiring and testing processes. Over 12 years later, we have established a reputation as one of the most effective and robust staffing services in Colorado. We hold ourselves and our associates to the highest possible standards to guarantee excellence every time.From simple drug tests to full background checks and everything in between, we can do it all.